About Me

Hey there! I'm Leah from LunchwithLeah.com and my goal in life is to change the world. Yes, you read that correctly.

I started this blog to share knowledge and give simple ways to improve the health of busy moms. I believe that by empowering women with the understanding and how-tos for better health that they can eat, live and look better, and that the trickle down effect to their kids and spouses will change the world, one family at a time.


This is not a food blog

Yes, there will be recipes but ultimately, the journey is discovering what foods work for YOU! Not every healthy diet works for every one. I'm here, as a Certified Nutrition Consultant, to help you sift through the overwhelming amounts of nutrition, health, and wellness info out there to find what works for you as an individual and break it down into simpler, more digestible morsels. I believe that understanding how food affects us as individuals is paramount to achieving better health.

How did I get here?

It is HARD to be healthy in today's world. I have personally struggled with chronic pain and low energy issues for many years. Since 2010 we have moved 4 times, not including living abroad for a summer. My husband used to travel every week for work, leaving me alone with a preschooler and a colicky baby (he felt really bad about that!) Moving so often made it hard to create my "village" of support and I couldn't practice nutrition consulting. So... why am I sharing all this you ask?

Well, recently I went through a bout of depression. It was a rough time. Then I found myself at a  workshop for women, put on by local moms to encourage personal growth. And... I literally bawled my eyes out. 

I felt so alone and depressed and like I had no purpose in life other than being a mother to my children (which I don't think I was doing so well feeling the way I was.) BUT after this workshop, something sparked inside of me. A flame started to grow.

I had realized many things that day. The most important thing being that I had so much knowledge and passion about wellness and it was my purpose to share it with the world. I knew other moms felt like I did; tired, disconnected, alone, lost, overweight, unfocused and overwhelmed. And most importantly, I knew I could help them! This is how LunchwithLeah.com was born.

Healthy Habits Saved Me

I am convinced that had I not already had such healthy eating and lifestyle habits, my recent experience with depression would have been far worse. I had a great baseline in place and when I decided to take my health to the next level... my mind was blown. No more chronic pain, tons of energy, stubborn belly fat started to disappear and my "puffy" feeling all over my body also went away.

Are you ready to start feeling better?
How about amazing?

What do you want to transform today?

Or perhaps you just want to get to know me a little bit better first?

Then here you go...

Some random fun facts about me:

  • I never wanted to eat vegetables as a child, I was a "meat and potatoes" girl. Now I eat them everyday!
  • I can't stand beets. I have tried them every kind of way you could possibly eat them. It's not happening in this life.
  • My nickname in high school was "Runt" (and I played basketball - go figure! Now I'm a hair shy of 5'6" but it took a while!)
  • I met my husband in a hot tub...don't worry, it was totally PG! We met while our respective collegiate rowing teams were training in Florida over the winter break.  
  • I gained my "freshman 15" not in a dorm room but rather in Italy, where I lived for a year after I deferred college.  Although I love pasta, I now have a fear that if I indulge in gnocchi and ravioli again like I did, I will gain another 15 pounds.   
  • I've ridden an elephant bareback in Thailand with a toddler strapped to my back. That doesn't impress you? I had to climb up the elephants leg and shoulder with no ladder or step! And with the toddler strapped to my back. One of the scariest and most thrilling experiences in my life!!!

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