Super Easy Chocolate Banana Cookies That Taste Like Dessert (with NO Sugar!)

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Are you looking for a healthy “treat” for your kids (and yourself)? Then look no more. Here it is. Not only do these “cookies” taste like a treat, but they are SUPER easy to make. Here is why you should try making these cookies: They are so satisfying and yummy (I tested them out on a preschool group of parents … Read More

What every mom should have in her “medicine cabinet”

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Do you remember the last time you started to get that “icky” feeling in your stomach and your first thought was, “Oh God! I really hope this is not the stomach flu that is going around!” Or when your child started sneezing and coughing and had those telltale watery eyes signaling that an impending cold or flu was about to … Read More

School lunchbox ideas and tips – Part 2

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After reading School Lunchbox Packing Ideas and Tips -Part 1 I hope you have some sort of container or lunchbox for your kids to transport all the yummy nutritious food you are about to make. Today we are going to talk about some general tips and ideas for basic lunchbox packing and some ideas for grocery shopping and prepping certain … Read More

School lunchbox packing ideas and tips with product recommendations – part 1

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This post may contain affiliate links. Recently, a friend I’ve known for years sent me a message and basically requested this post. At first, I was resistant because this blog is for MOMS, I didn’t want to focus on food for kids. But when it comes down to it, if I can advise moms on how to save time and … Read More

When life gets bat $%&# crazy, I rely on this ONE thing to keep me sane, and it’s not what you think!

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It’s been a crazy week, you’ve been running around like a crazy person, but your kids are all alive and they’ve been fed (more or less) 3 meals a day and the house is a step down from hurricane mess status on the interior. So things are going well, right? Wait, what about that workout you tried to fit in … Read More

Energy Balls recipe: nutritious, delicious and healthy!

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Energy Balls Recipe

OK, so the name doesn’t exactly convey how yummy these round delicious bite-size morsels really are! Packed with nutrition (and energy), these healthy portable snacks are enjoyed by all ages, from toddler to adult. These incredibly delicious balls are now pretty much a permanent feature in the fridge at home. [bctt tweet=”They are rich and chocolaty and taste suspiciously like they are naughtier than they … Read More

5 Recommended Podcasts for your 2018 Playlist if You Want to Improve Your Health (and why #1 changed my perspective)

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I LOOOOOVE Podcasts If the internet went down, or the world was ending, but I had a stash of my favorite downloaded podcasts, I might still be ok. You can listen while cooking (unless your kids interrupt every 5 seconds), listen while running or walking, and I’ve even been known to stream one while taking a shower. (This is a … Read More