My Nutrition principles:
  • I don't believe in counting calories. Broccoli doesn't come with a nutrition label. Instead focus your energy on eating real food. Then you won't need to count anything. 
  • Don't be dogmatic. No diet will be perfect for you- you will tweak every diet to some extent. Take the best and leave the rest.
  • Stress is the most important factor to address when healing.
  • Be gentle with yourself. If it took you years to feel this crappy, you aren't going to "fix" yourself overnight. 
  • It is possible to be the picture of health in the outside and feel like crap on the inside. #speakingfromexperience
  • Don't settle with mediocre health. There is a way to feel better, you just may not have found that way yet. (Good thing you've landed here!)
  • Quality over Quantity. Eating the right foods from good quality sources is way more important than filling your protein, fat and carbohydrate requirements from any old source.
My Food philosophy:

Plant based and non-exclusive. Plants are the base to every healthy diet. From here you can add on with just about anything! I don't believe any group of foods are "bad". Just because some people are sensitive or allergic to dairy doesn't make it an evil food group. Some people do great with organic, grass-fed dairy. 

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